I had finally left my toxic marriage and after four house moves within 12 months, I finally settled down with my two dogs in a cute little cottage in the burbs, just 10 minutes from the city. I didn’t realise how stressed I had been until I looked back on what was my life.


In hindsight (gotta love hindsight) I had attracted two people into my life through seemingly back luck, poor choices or I simply must have killed a lot of chinamen in a past life.


Whatever the reason, I look back and can’t believe the amount of pressure I was under from verbal and mental abuse, manipulation, lying, whatever… The second person was my business partner, which is a whole other story.


Enough of that, I prefer to focus on my future which is supremely happy and prosperous and I feel so fortunate for that.


It all changed when I moved and as I said, I reflected on what had been and made a conscious decision that I was going to FOCUS on what I wanted, rather than what I didn’t want.


Which is why, in hindsight, I had attracted two really toxic relationships simultaneously.




I realised I was too busy focusing on what I didn’t want, that I actually attracted exactly that, ‘what I didn’t want’! How shitty is that!


But it’s true and I realised I had to change my thoughts.


It is not easy to change bad habits, however, I started reading affirmations and using visualising techniques to re-train myself to think differently, so I could attract a new and stress-free life.


At this point in time, I figured I had nothing to lose.


I’d read that you could change your life by thinking differently, but never really believed it, until now.


I also realised, that it takes just as much energy to be and think POSITIVE thoughts, as it does to think negatively, and it gets a much better result!


I started visualising my new life, which looked like this –

I imagined living in a beautiful house that looked out over the water while being held from behind by a man who loved me unconditionally and who wanted to take care of me if I needed him to.

I also AFFIRMED out loud (when no-one could hear me) –


‘Thank you universe, for my fantastic, happy, healthy and wealthy life with my loving, devoted man, who loves me unconditionally and wants to look after me if I need him to, and, thank you for the beautiful house I live in that overlooks water’.

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That is what I AFFIRMED and VISUALISED every morning when I woke up.


Well, HOLY SHIT, that’s exactly what I got. They say be careful what you wish for and I would say I wished really well!


Just so you know, I didn’t overthink it, like trying to think of what the house would look like or what my man would look like.


I kept it very simple and didn’t put any limitations on looks or location. I just followed the same process every day (AFFIRMING my desire) and allowed the universe to work its magic.








For the record, there is scientific proof that everything you THINK forms an energy wave which is part of the universal cosmic energy (like radio waves).


That’s why they say we are all one and connected, through waves of energy. So it makes sense that what you FOCUS on is what you ATTRACT.


Anyway, back to my unfolding fairy-tale life…

I was still working with my toxic business partner when I started my new life of AFFIRMATIONS and VISUALISATION. 


It was a Friday afternoon and I was giving my last client of the day a spray tan.


Just so you know, I was part owner and manager of a Beauty Salon.


My client and I were discussing the dating scene and how difficult it was to meet nice, single men.


She suddenly told me that she knew the perfect guy for me and that she would give him my number.


I was completely shocked and then instantly thought it was unlikely he would call anyway, even if, she did actually give him my number.




We eventually left the salon together and I started the half hour drive home. A couple of minutes later, my mobile phone rang. I answered thinking it was probably a client wanting an appointment.


I also did house calls after hours and weekends to make extra cash so I could eventually leave my toxic business partner.


Anyway, it was a man on the phone explaining he was told that I was expecting his call. OMG! I was so shocked, I couldn’t believe it was him. 


I couldn’t believe my client gave him my number, and that he actually rang, and it was the same afternoon. Just so you know, his name is Bruce.


Bruce was very thoughtful and suggested that I meet at his house for breakfast.


He wanted me to feel comfortable in the knowledge that I knew he wouldn’t know where I lived, just in case he was an ‘axe murderer’ – his words!


We finally settled on a day that I wasn’t busy, which was in two Sundays time. It just so happened that it was four weeks before Christmas so I had a lot of social events booked in and Sunday fortnight was the first available day I was free.


Bruce explained that he had hired a car for the weekend and we could go for a drive up to Mount Tamborine for lunch. I figured it wasn’t going to be a standard car, so I just had to wait and see.


I got ready Sunday morning which was a beautiful sunny and perfect day.


I arrived at Bruce’s home – to a large Colonial Queenslander home built in the 1800’s perched on top of a hill overlooking the bay.


The house was bounded by a white picket fence, perfectly manicured yard and orange blossom hedge in full bloom. I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was.



My initial thoughts were Bruce was out of my league. 


It was a short-lived thought (just one of my ‘not worthy issues), and I decided there and then that I was just going to enjoy myself and have a lovely day come what may. 


Bruce was watering the garden, obviously waiting for me to arrive.


The car Bruce had hired was sitting in the front drive and I can assure you, it was not a standard car. It was a Convertible Boxter Porsche with cream leather seats!!! — I LOVE convertibles!


I could go on if you want – but as they say, the rest is history…..


The point is, I MANIFESTED my amazing new life and I have been supremely HAPPY for close enough to 10 years and we’re still going strong and love each other more every passing year!


Do you have a happy story to share or perhaps a similar story?


I highly recommend using AFFIRMATIONS and inspirational quotes for improving your life.  You can find some here.


Ciao for now…



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Love Fe    x

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